English for academic purposes

Our english for academic purposes (eap) course is designed to help international students to develop the skills required to undertake further studies in australia. You will learn how to complete the types of tasks and assignments required at university and college in australia, giving you a thorough preparation for your next step in an english-speaking academic environment.

Course Facts

Course length
Minimum 10 weeks
Levels Available
Course inclusions

Fulltime flexible scheduled timetable: Minimum 20 hours per week including:

  • Live teacher-led face-to-face virtual classes available daily Mon-Fri
  • Placement test included to check your current English Level
  • Live Class times available in multiple time zones
  • Live Classes delivered by qualified, experienced English-speaking teachers
  • Structured classmate collaboration and learner centred assessment during each class
  • Unlimited self-study with access to materials on YouSTUDY’s Online Learning Platform
  • Ability to upgrade and add one-to-one lessons with teachers
Class size
Average 12, maximum 15
Course Entry Level
Higher Intermediate or IELTS 5.5
Minimum age
16 years old
Start Dates
Contact YouSTUDY for commencement dates scheduled to correspond with University timetables and start dates.
CRICOS Course code

Choose this program if

  • You want to enter a university or other institution in Australia
  • You want to learn about the culture and expectations of studying and working in an English-speaking environment in Australia
  • You want to develop skills such as effective essay-writing, joining class discussions and giving presentations
  • You want to improve your proficiency in areas such as referencing, speed-reading and effective note-taking.
  • You want to improve your English for work – business people, healthcare professionals, hospitality industry, teachers
  • You want to make fast progress in your studies
  • You want the flexibility to self-study anywhere, anytime to suit your schedule
  • You want access to a wide variety of online tools to access outside of your classes
  • You would like to receive a certificate at the end of your studies

Delivery Options

There are many ways that you can join the YouSTUDY Learning Community. You can commence your studies online in your home country, and when you arrive in Australia you can join our face-to-face classes at our Cairns campus. Alternatively, you can study 100% online offshore or onshore in Australia. Contact YouSTUDY to discuss your options.

Your Class

Live English classes

Our experienced teachers will provide high-quality communicative English classes focussed on improving your core listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, allowing your fluency, accuracy and confidence to rapidly improve. If you miss a live class, you can catch up as they are recorded and made available in our online Library.

Skills classes

Students focus on key areas of their language development, assisting you in making the fastest possible progress. Classes which may be offered include:

  • Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Communication Skills
  • Academic Skills
  • Everyday English
  • Speaking and Listening
  • Conversation and Pronunciation

Additional Activities Calendar

Our school provides students with a wide range of opportunities for extra study, allowing students to focus on areas of interest or weakness, to practice using English with other students and to make new friends. Additional activities which are regularly offered include:

  • Get to know Cairns
  • Get to know Australia

Online Learning Platform

You will be able to access all your course learning materials and resources, book your live classes and message your teacher all in one place through our Learning Platform. These online resources allow students to better focus their studies on areas of personal interest, more easily review past lesson topics and to access high-quality study materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How Online Study Works!

Is online study as good as face-to-face study?
You will receive the same quality of teaching and teaching resources that you do in a face-to-face- classroom. You have more access and flexibility to study in your own time, in your own place.
I don’t know my current level of English, do I need to take a test before I enrol?
We would recommend that you take our free English Level Test before you finalise your enrolment so that we can place you in the most suitable course and class.
What computer equipment will I need for online lessons?
You will require access to the internet on your personal computer or laptop to best access the learning resources and attend the live classes.
Will I have still be able to meet other students online?
Live classes are a perfect time to get to know other students. We also have online social activities where you can e-meet other students and get to know each other.
How can I make sure the course is right for me and my goals?
You can schedule a free consultation with one of our Academic team to discuss your future plans and the level of English that you hope to achieve and why
Do I receive a certificate at the end of the online programme?
Yes, all of our online programs offer a Certificate of Attendance and Academic Progress Report or a Certificate of Achievement if you are studying a CRICOS registered course for Australia visa purposes.