Personal Tutoring

There are many benefits of choosing personal tutoring. It is useful at the beginning of your exam preparation to discuss the skills areas where you feel you have the most weakness. Your teacher will recommend strategies you can use to improve your academic performance.

Taking additional personal tutoring sessions while preparing for the exam will ensure that you are on track and supports you if you are self-studying in your own time using a self-paced and self-directed approach.

Just prior to taking your English exam you can discuss any final concerns that you might have about Exam Day with your teacher to improve your self-esteem and confidence.

You can choose your time and topic to discuss your needs in a one-on-one online meeting with your teacher.

Personal Tutoring

  • 45-minute private lessons
  • Personal online meeting with a qualified teacher
  • Choose your time and topic to discuss your needs

Personal Tutoring

YouSTUDY’s Personal Tutoring is suitable for students that have not yet started studying online or participating in Live Classes or have been studying for some time and are seeking personal tutoring assistance from a teacher.

What is included in the Tutorial Package?

Before you attend the Session, we ask you to complete a Pre-Tutorial Skill Assessment so that the teacher has a clear understanding of your current skill level and may be able to identify areas that they can assist you.

We also ask you to tell us why you need help by completing a quick questionnaire, then you can schedule your Tutorial.

You may be asked by your teacher to complete Pre-Tutorial Homework and submit this prior to the Tutorial (generally if you have two or three sessions booked)

Each Tutorial lasts for 45 minutes online with a qualified teacher. You may be asked to provide Feedback on the Tutorial so that your teacher can respond to your comments for the next Tutorial.

Payment options

You can choose from one (Bronze), two (Silver) or three (Gold) personal tutorial sessions per month.

You can choose the number of tutoring sessions each month, from Bronze (1 session), Silver (2 sessions) access, Gold (3 sessions). You can click on the ‘Enrol Now’ button below to pay for your course by Credit or Debit Card or PayPal. You will be able to create your Username and Password and will get immediate access to your course.

Other Payment Options include:

Monthly Subscriptions – suitable if want to set up regular monthly sessions and you are not sure how long you need to study to achieve your goals, you can cancel at any time without penalty) contact us to set up your subscription, email:

By Invoice – email: to request an invoice to pay by bank transfer.

Payment options – Personal Tutoring

Type Access Cost
Bronze 1 Session in 1 Month AUD $40 Enrol Now
Silver 2 Sessions in 1 Month AUD $75 Enrol Now
Gold 3 Sessions in 1 Month AUD $110 Enrol Now

Why choose online courses?

Online courses give you the freedom and flexibility to choose to study anywhere at a time and pace that suits your own goal. Our high-quality English courses enable you to choose to study either on your own or supported by our experienced teachers. We can help you set a study schedule around work, your family and other commitments that will enable you to achieve your goal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know which English course is right for me?
Get in touch with our Support Team, tell us why you need to study English and what you hope to achieve, we will then recommend the best course and study plan to achieve your goals
Do I have to be in Australia to study online with YouSTUDY?
Our online courses can be studied onshore in Australia or offshore from anywhere in the world.
What is included in YouSTUDY’s online courses?
You have access to our online platform and all the resources that you need to study including videos, learning materials, practice activities, assessments, messaging, live group classes
Can I get a free trial of the course before I buy?

Yes, you can get seven days free access to our courses to view our learning platform and try some of the activities – contact us on to request your free trial access

Can I study on my own or do I need a teacher?

You can choose to start your studies at your own pace, in your own time, when you feel you need the support of a teacher you can choose to join our live classes or request teacher feedback at any time.

Is the English language difficult to learn online?

Some aspects of English are more challenging than others. Our teachers are passionate about teaching English online, they have years of experience, are highly qualified and actively support students to achieve their goals as part of our learning community

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